Wearing 80’s Leg Warmers Burns 171% More Calories Per Workout?

by FitStaff

Remember the 80’s? Or at least you’ve seen pictures! The Rat Pack?

Judd Nelson as the sensitive, misunderstood tough guy/stoner/loner?

Molly Ringwald in annoying pink?

Anthony Freaking Michael Hall?!?!

Charlie Sheen’s brother?

Awesome fitness fashion for guys and girls alike?

Low fat, high carb (high sugar) foods sold as healthy, yet really helped to pile on the lard and cause lots of health problems? You know, little things like the obesity epidemic.

Stay away from (very good for you) eggs, you no good rotten kids!

Ah, good times! My toes get all warm and fuzzy!

But the fitness fashion! Oh, the fitness fashion!

leg warmers for workouts
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So I was watching the Olympics the other day and wouldn’t you know, the camera showed Kathy Smith in the audience. If you don’t know who Kathy Smith is, she sold millions of copies of worthless workout videos in the 80’s. They even showed some clips from her videos. My eyes! Look at that intensity!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Kathy is a fraud. Those workout videos of dance moves or whatever they were, were the gold standard of fat burning, muscle toning, and fitness back in the day before the bright light of my knowledge shone upon the world (ahem!).

Anyway, it got me thinking about all those leg warmers the ladies wore during their workouts. Leg warmers, leg warmers, leg warmers everywhere! Look at them all!

workout leggings for women

So wonderful, am I right? You know, I’m write! Er, right! Right?

I mean, come on, man! They came in coffee! Why doesn’t Starbucks do a promo with these? Yes, our coffee tastes like Camel piss and it costs you your retirement savings, but look, a free pair of coffee leggings! BAM!!

And here’s the kicker!

Scientific studies have shown that wearing leg warmers during your workout burns 171% MORE calories than doing the same workout but without the leg warmers!

Sweet mother of all that is good and pure! Is that freaking awesome or what?

Want another kicker? Okay! Here’s a real kick in the sensitives for ya!

Wearing multi-colored leg warmers burns 393% more calories per workout!

And yet, wearing pink only burns an extra 63% more calories!

Also, and sorry guys, but wearing neon tank tops and clown pants actually causes you to burn fewer calories, as well as repelling women, lowering testosterone levels and boosting estrogen! Stop that!

80's bodybuilders in clown pants

I said stop that!!

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If you want to kick up your fat burning results a notch or two, bring back the 80’s, rock and roll all night, and wear leg warmers every day!

The NOT Science Journal; The Journal of Don’t Believe Everything You Read; Scientific Dumb-Assery (pages Does Not Exist to Really??).

It would be cool if it was true, though, right? Leg warmers everywhere! Much better than that ridiculous Pokemon stupidity!

TO BE CLEAR: I have not come across any scientific study that says leg warmers increase calorie burning. But no, it would not surprise me. Not that leg warmers burn more calories, but it would not be surprise me if somewhere, some scientist took a grant to “prove” this.

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Gregg Gillies is a Certified Metabolic Trainer and author of the 5 star rated book, Flat Belly Blueprint, available for $2.99 (and instant download) on Amazon. He’s written hundreds of health and fitness related articles that have appeared on sites like Bodybuilding.com while also being published in the print edition of Ironman Magazine, and contributing to countless programs. Connect with Gregg on Facebook and Pinterest

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