Top Fitness Tips and Articles of 2014

by FitStaff

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Fat loss routines for women

Below are the top six articles of 2014. I noticed the longer, more in-depth articles seem to be the most popular.

1. Spartan Kettlebell 300 Workout – this is a rocking challenge workout that has proven to be extremely popular!

You’ll need four kettlebells (dumbbells can work, too) of different weights.

If you want a serious challenge to start off the new year, give this workout a try.

2. 27 Ultimate Home Gym Equipment Ideas – I think the title says it all.

If you love home workouts, or even getting outside for your workouts, this article is for you. You won’t find any big or expensive pieces of all in one home equipment here.

These are different, things you can add to your collection over time, depending on the types of workouts you like.

Things that will give you a new challenge or add variety to your home workouts, from speed hurdles to agility ladders, to sleds, ropes, medicine balls and more.

3. Are Circuit Training Workouts Better Than Cardio for Fat Loss? Well, what are you waiting for? Find out!

4. What is Metabolic Resistance Training? You probably heard the term metabolic workout or metabolic conditioning, or metabolic resistance training a lot during 2014. While it’s true that ANY exercise is metabolic in nature, we’re referring to a specific style of training here.

Check out what metabolic resistance training can do for you. If you like to be challenged, you’ll love it.

5. High Intensity Interval Training Workouts – An in-depth look at one of the most effective training protocols around. If you aren’t doing some type of high intensity interval training as part of your workout program, you’ll missing an key ingredient of success.

Check out everything you need to know about using intervals the right way.

6. Killer Complex Workout for Rapid Fat Loss Results – Complexes rock. Period. I’ll be releasing an all new Killer Complex Training program later this year that you’re going to love. Check out this complex and see if you’re up to it.

Hopefully re-reading these articles, or reading them for the first time, gets you psyched up and ready to go for 2015.

Happy New Year!

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