This Won’t Give You Sexy Abs

by FitStaff

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Are you doing endless ab exercises to get six pack abs and a lean sexy stomach?

If you’ve been following any of the Metabolic Rocket workouts, you may have noticed the absence of “traditional” ab exercises.

And with good reason!

The truth is, if you want to get sexy abs, lots and lots of ab exercises aren’t going to do it for you.

Endless crunches or 6 minutes a day with some infomercial ab gizmo will not give you the ripped, sexy abs you want.

It’s not the ab rocket, the ab lounge or the ab roller or FREAKING SPINNING IN A CIRCLE!

Nice abs come from a well thought out fitness plan that includes resistance training, the right cardio, and a proper nutrition plan designed to shed ugly fat.

Sure, you need to train your abs, but not nearly as often as you think.

And not the way you think.

Training your abs the traditional way won’t take away the layer of fat that is covering them.

Most people have abs. You work your abs all day long in almost everything you do.

You just can’t see them because they’re covered by ugly, disgusting body fat!

Remove the fat and you’ll have a flat stomach and sexy abs.

And that means burning calories.

And building muscle.

Traditional ab exercises like sit ups and crunches don’t burn a whole lot of calories.

battle ropes

High intensity interval training burns calories.

Exercises like the Farmer’s Walk really work your abs and burn a lot more calories, too. See a bunch of different variations of the Farmer’s Walk in the video below.

Properly conducted high intensity weight training burns calories.

Combine the right resistance training with the right cardio, eat properly, and you’ll get those hard to find abs.

By the way, you DON’T need to do ANY boring, neck destroying crunches to get those abs if you don’t want to (and I don’t!).

Doing nothing but ab exercises on infomercial ab training gizmos is NOT going to give you rock hard abs.

Proper training and nutrition will.

If you want a complete training routine to get those abs and maximize your fat burning results, you’ll want to include the following:

    1. Strength Training
    2. Conditioning or Metabolic Resistance Training
    3. Metabolic Scorchers
    4. Strategic Cardio

You can read about each one of these components in a little more detail in my article on using traditional cardio for losing fat.

Gregg Gillies is a Certified Metabolic Trainer and author of the 5 star rated book, Flat Belly Blueprint, available on Amazon. He’s written hundreds of health and fitness related articles that have appeared on sites like while also being published in the print edition of Ironman Magazine, among others

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