Simple Weight Sled Workout For Superior Fat Burning and Conditioning Results

by FitStaff

Chances are, you have not experienced the effective power of a weight sled workout. Sadly, most gyms don’t even have a power sled to use, or any place to use them. Considering most gyms don’t like the idea of you working with any real intensity or, God forbid, sweating, I guess it makes sense.

Weight Sled Workout For Rapid Fat Loss

Because a good weight sled workout is no joke. It will turn your entire body, from head to toe, to a quivering mass of jelly. Plus, you might need to keep a bucket handy!

Now that I’ve scared off the pretenders who are more interested in whether their new designer workout shirt matches their shoes, let’s dig in! What can sled training workouts do for you?

High intensity training, at its core, is quite simple. Perform more work in less time.

As you’ve probably heard a million times, you can work out long or you can work out hard, but you can’t do both! This doesn’t mean you just go balls to the wall, as hard as you can until you wanna puke, doing any old exercise scheme, day in and day out and you’ll see great results!

Hardly! There’s a lot of science (and art as experienced trainers will tell you) behind a properly designed high intensity training routine. But even within the constraints, the possibilities are endless and creativity and experimentation with different exercises and training protocols to find what’s best for you are important, too.

Sled Training Workout:
Serious Muscle Growth Stimulation, Power,
Explosiveness and Metabolic Momentum

sled workout

Sled training workouts are high intensity training at its finest. Or at its worst, depending on your mindset! These weighted sled workouts may be exactly what you need to boost the results of your training program.

A workout sled may be the best piece of fitness equipment you aren’t currently using. But like I said, it’s rare to find a gym that has one. Usually, you’ll find them in smaller warehouse type gyms that cater to training more serious athletes or Cross Fit enthusiasts.

But you can get your own training sled, such as the Prowler Sled, if you have the hard space to use it at home. If you do, it’s well worth the investment. Like most good pieces of training equipment (Olympic Barbell Set, Power Rack, etc.) it will last you a lifetime.

Prowler sleds are the most popular commercial sleds around and a good Prowler weight sled workout will bring you to your knees quickly. In a good way, of course!

If you want to do some serious fat burning and get lean and fit, you’ll want to add a weighted sled workout to your weekly sessions at least once or twice per week. You’ll see results fast.

So where did weight sled training come from, anyway? I can’t pinpoint the first person to use one but my guess is the early incarnation of a weighted sled would be the Strongman Competitions made popular when they started airing on ESPN. Of course, we are talking strongmen, so their sled in the competition was pushing a car! Which, by the way, great workout if you can do it!

A weighted sled workout covers it all when it comes to overall fitness and conditioning as well as skyrocketing your metabolism and burning calories for hours after your workout.

You’ll attack your legs but also your overall muscle mass, strength levels and power, too. You’ll also move your body, instead of sitting stationary at some machine. One thing we don’t do nearly enough of in the modern era is move our bodies.

And that includes during our workouts a typical big box gym with all that shiny equipment that has you sitting. And sitting. And sitting. After (or before), you spend all day at your job doing, guess what? Sitting! Wow, you’re getting smart!

There are a variety of sleds. A typical workout sled is the Prowler. But there are also less expensive sleds that you can pull, usually called a speed sled, or power sled.

For the sake of these workouts, we are talking about the traditional sled that you have to push. But speed sleds are great, too! In fact, they are a great way to utilize sprint workouts in your program (you are sprinting, right?) while lessening the risk of injury.

Please understand, weighted sled workouts are brutal. If you are not used to hard training, really hard training you’ll want to take a few weeks to ease into sled training workouts.

I mentioned speed sleds above and talked about sprinting with them. You can do the same with the more traditional sled, you’ll just be pushing it (and working more of your body’s muscle mass) instead of pulling it.

Sled Sprint Workouts

Sprints are about power and speed. So don’t pile on tons of weight and turn this into a grinding walk. You still want to be able to move fast and be powerful, you’re just doing it with added weight.

Sprinting is brutal. It’s effective. You should be doing it. But you also can’t go from not having sprinted in 20 years since 7th grade gym, to an all out session of sprints. Be smart. You can’t make any kind of progress if you are injured.

It’s all about progress and the only person you can compare yourself to is you. Go forward. Improve. Progress. Be better. We all have to start somewhere.

You MUST Warm Up!

If you are doing your weighted sled workout at the end of your regular workout, you’re probably pretty warmed up, although some leg mobility exercises and light, non-sled sprints may be a good idea.

If your sled workout sprinting session is your only training of the day, you need a full warm up to be ready. This means mobility exercises dynamic stretching and light, but progressive sprints without the sled.

Here’s a simple weight sled workout utilizing sprints for boosting your metabolism and getting shredded and lean in no time flat.

Weighted Sled Workout Sprinting Protocol

  • Sprint 40 yards
  • Rest 60 to 90 Seconds
  • Repeat 8 – 12 times (Depending on conditioning levels)

When you first start out, you may only hit three or four rounds of this (especially if it’s at the end of your training session and not a standalone workout) and that’s just fine. Make progress over time.

Weight Sled Workout: The Sled Workout Marathon

The Farmer’s Walk is a fantastic fat burning and conditioning exercise (you’ve seen this in the Strongman Competition as well)! You pick up two heavy weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, sandbags, etc.) and you walk a certain distance. That’s it.

The sled training variation is you do the same but you do it pushing a weighted sled. You aren’t sprinting in this one. It’ s more like a jog/walk. Pick a distance like a quarter or half of a mile. Even 100 yards if that’s what’s intense for you. Now go for time.

As you get better conditioned you’ll make it like a competition and try and improve on your best time eventually adding more weigh to the sled and then bringing down your time again.

The “I’ll NEVER Use A Sled Again” Weighted Sled Workout

For those of you that played a sport like football, soccer or basketball, you remember running suicides. So hey, why not a suicide sled workout session, right? Yeah, that’s right, a weight sled workout suicide style!

But you only have to do it over 15 to 20 yards.

Push the sled out 5 yards and go back to the starting line, then go 10 yards and back, then go out 15 yards and back, and if you’re really well conditioned or suicidal, one more out and back, this time at 20 yards.

Go ahead. Crank out a few weight sled workout suicides. I dare ya!

Try utilizing these weight sled workouts in your own training sessions and watch the body transformation, not to mention how your conditioning levels will blast through the roof!

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