Quick HIIT Cardio Workout Tip To Improve Your Results in Less Time

by FitStaff

“Pain is just weakness leaving the body” is a quote I love. It’s actually from a character in a book by author Ted Bell.

It applies to so many things, and it definitely applies to fitness.

And if you can think like that, you can really jack up your results!

Sometimes I repeat that in my head when the reps start getting crazy tough.

Each new rep shoots the weakness out of the body and replaces it with a tougher, fitter, BETTER you!

If you’re halfway through a killer circuit workout to get lean, you know what this phrase means.

If you’re trying to get jacked up and are sitting at the bottom of a heavy squat, the bar digging into your traps with three reps to go, you know what this quote means!

You GOTTA push through to get the results you want!

Want to jack up your metabolism and get faster results from your workouts?

Don’t rest during your rest periods!


Okay, now I’m not talking about workouts such as circuit training or brutal metabolic resistance training workouts where you really need those brief rest periods.

But, during your typical weight training workout, try moving during your rest periods.

Instead of standing around or sitting, try jumping jacks or jump rope, or even walking if that’s all you can do.

You’ll be surprised at the extra calorie boost because you’re keeping your heart rate up.

And yes, if you’re doing some serious strength training with low reps and long rest periods, you’ll definitely have to lighten the weights a bit.

But you’ll be surprised how quickly your body adapts when you starting doing a couple of minutes on the treadmill or bike or some jumping jacks between sets instead of just sitting on the bench watching the clock.

Give it a try the next time you hit the gym.

Hit me up with questions and comments below.

Play Hard, Have Fun, Get Dirty!

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