What Can a 7 Year Old Teach Us About Fitness?

So what CAN a 7 year old teach us about fitness? If I had to put it into three words it would be.. Fitness is Fun! As adults, most of us look at exercising and eating right as work (and by the time we are adults we associate negative emotions with the word work). We […]

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Drink This And Boost Your Metabolism?

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One of the simplest things you can do to boost your metabolism, your fat loss results, your health and your performance is to drink more. No, not beers at happy hour. Not the green goo Raj drinks on The Big Bang Theory so he can talk to women, either. What IS that? Looks radioactive, doesn’t […]

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1 Simple Workout Trick To Boost Your Metabolism

How Can You Boost Your MetabolismWithout Working Out Longer? “Pain is just weakness leaving the body” – Alex Hawke(a character in a book by author Ted Bell). It applies to so many things, and it definitely applies to fitness. And if you can think like that, you can really jack up your results! Sometimes I […]

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4 Parts of a Weekly Workout Schedule to Maximize Your Fat Burning Results

In past articles, like Slow Go Cardio Sucks – Or Does It?, I’ve talked about the different components of working out and training if you want a complete program to maximize your fat burning results. I discussed how you’ll want to include the following Multi-Workouts training concepts for best results and complete development, as part […]

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6 Foods That Help Build Muscle and Burn Fat

QUIZ: Can you name six foods that can help you build muscle while burning fat at the same time? First, let’s try this. This question is from Kevin DiDonato (MS, CSCS, CES) over at Prograde. Kevin asks, “Do you know what foods you should eat if you want to build muscle and burn fat at […]

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How To Do The Kettlebell Snatch

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The kettlebell snatch is a fantastic exercise and it should be used by everyone who uses a kettlebell (provided you don’t have physical limitations that prevent it, of course). Here are a couple of great videos by RKC team leader Keira Newton on how to do the kettlebell snatch properly. The second video focuses on […]

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16 Minutes of Serious Fat Burning

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You don’t need an hour, or even 45 minutes, to get all the fat burning, metabolism boosting, calorie crushing exercise you need to get fit and completely reshape your body. Do it right, and 30 minutes or less (sometimes a lot less) is all you really need. So if your pressed for time, give this […]

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3 Simple and Tasty Fat Burning Snacks You Should Be Eating

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One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to eating healthy and burning fat is meal preparation. If you’re eating healthy there isn’t a lot of foods you can just grab out of a can or box. Nope, you must prepare it! No processed foods for you. Here are some simple, tasty, fat burning snacks […]

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Kacy Catanzaro Rocks American Ninja Warrior

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Kacy Catanzaro recently became the first female to complete the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course and qualify for the Vegas finals and the “Mt. Midoriyama” challenge. Sure, Kacy’s agility shouldn’t surprise anyone with her gymnastics background but many parts of the obstacle course involve some serious upper body strength and muscular endurance. It’s some grueling […]

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The Best Kettlebell Exercises

If you get the best fitness newsletter around, you know I’m a huge fan of kettlebells, despite the fact that their popularity has exploded to where it looks like another bad fitness fad. It’s not! Kettlebells are the real deal! They are portable, you can get an amazing workout in very little space, there is […]

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