Matt Damon Muscles Up With His Jason Bourne Workout

by FitStaff

At 45, Matt Damon completely changed his body for the latest installment of the Jason Bourne movie franchise. This time, Matt didn’t just lean out to look “fit”, he put on some serious muscle mass as well.

Matt Damon Jason Bourne Workout
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Damon has played a wide range of roles throughout his career, including action hero (this is his 4th Jason Bourne movie) but this time, he truly looks the part!

Matt’s trainer is Jason Walsh, the trainer for Bradley Cooper in American Sniper and John Krasinski in 13 Hours.

To get Damon lean without sacrificing muscle mass, Walsh had Damon do conditioning work on the VersaClimber, interval training style. Walsh had Matt doing 12 intervals of one hundred foot climbs with a one minute rest in between.

For strength training Damon did a lot of single-leg exercises and high-volume pullups.

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“He loves challenges,” Walsh says. “We got to the point where we were doing 100 pullups two or three times a week. We’d see how many sets it takes to get 100. Once you lose some of that excess weight, pullups get a lot easier. He was doing 30-some pullups per set.”

jason bourne matt damon workout

Interestingly, Walsh kept Matt away from very effective muscle building exercises like the deadlift and the squat. The 20 rep squat routine may be the most effective program around for adding a lot of muscle in a short period of time.

“You have to be smart with the type of people we work with,” he says. “My biggest worry was him breaking. The star of a $100 million movie? That’s a lot of pressure.”

Good point. Shutting down a movie with a nine figure budget because the star got hurt workout out would not be the best calling card for his personal trainer!

However, it’s not necessarily specific exercises, so much as going to heavy. That’s a big problem with exercises like the deadlift, barbell squat or bench press. Everyone thinks they have to go heavy on these exercises with but gusting intensity! Not true! You want to keep the reps low for strength, but you shouldn’t be going to failure to do so.

For building muscle mass, a really effective training protocol is much lighter weights, with very short rest periods between sets. The volume is higher but you’re not training to failure, except on maybe the last set or two.

And with short rest periods of 15 to 45 seconds between sets, while performing four to ten sets per exercises, you’ll have to keep the weights light. It may feel incredibly light for the first few sets, but that will change quickly!

Pick one exercise per body part and perform eight sets of eight reps with only 15 to 30 seconds rest between sets. The first three or four sets should be pretty easy. You may not even get eight reps on the last two or three sets. That’s okay. When you can get eight reps on all eight sets, increase the weight at the next workout.

You’ll be surprised at how light the weight will need to be to get through all eight sets. But this is a fantastic way to add muscle mass pretty quickly.

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