Ignite Your Fat Loss Workouts With Hybrid Training

by FitStaff

If you’re looking for a more effective training protocol that can get you great results in less time, I’ve got something for you!

It’s not new, but you almost never see it in the gym and rarely is it talked about.

It can be called fat loss circuit training, or be considered a form of interval training but with a slight tweak.

In order to burn fat, you’ve got to get that metabolism cranked up and in order to do that, your work to rest ratio has to be sky high.

One great way to do that is to hit a relatively normal weight workout and combine it with more traditional cardio.

But NOT in the traditional way! We aren’t doing a weight workout and then heading over to the treadmill or stationary bike and doing steady state cardio for 20 to 30 minutes.

Nope. Instead, we are going to do them TOGETHER! Oh yeah!

Here’s how it works.

Do a normal weight training session BUT, instead of resting between sets, you’ll do some form of low intensity cardio.

What kind of cardio depends on a few factors such as space, how intense you want the workout to be (the tougher the cardio the more your weight training suffers), and also your conditioning level.

You might just start with walking non-stop between sets. Or do simple low intensity step ups. Or use a jump rope (this one could be too intense for some – at least to start).

For example, you might be doing 5 sets of barbell curls. Instead of resting for 30 seconds between sets and admiring your pumped guns in the mirror, you hit 30 seconds of step ups (traditional style like old time aerobics classes or infomercials for The Firm).

This isn’t high intensity interval training, it’s weight training with steady state cardio during your rest periods.

Most likely, you’ll need to adjust the weights you use and possibly the length of your rest periods. But you’re body will adapt quickly. It won’t be long before you’re using the same weights but now instead of doing nothing between sets, you’re getting in your cardio.

It’s a ROCKING way to crank up your metabolism (you NEVER rest), burn a LOT of calories, improve your conditioning AND get your workout finished in less time! That’s a sweet combo!

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