How to Get Abs of Steel Without Crunches or Sit Ups

by FitStaff

Typical ab exercises suck, don’t they?

They are boring and they really don’t do much for your abs.

So let’s scrap ’em!

Here’s a great way to end your next workout.

You’ll burn more calories, work your entire body and get a killer ab and oblique workout!

Superset regular farmers walks with rack walks.

Rack walks are nothing more than farmers walks while holding the dumbbells or kettlebells in the rack position.

One other twist. Use asymmetric loads. What is THAT you ask?

Just use dumbbells or kettlebells of different weights.

Be sure and switch hands each set.

Another great option for your core is holding only one dumbbell or kettlebell and leave your other hand empty. Make sure not to lean over too much. Keep your core tight and stay as upright as possible. Way better than boring, dangerous crunches!

Finish things off with a couple of sets of twisting lunge wood chops with a dumbbell.

Besides the ab work, you’ll get an entire body blast! Not to mention some serious cardio as well.

Here’s how to do a variety of different Farmer’s walks.

Put this at the end or your next workout and skip the ‘ab’ exercises!

In a future article, we’ll look at putting these into a complete full body workout!

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