How To Do The Kettlebell Snatch

by FitStaff

The kettlebell snatch is a fantastic exercise and it should be used by everyone who uses a kettlebell (provided you don’t have physical limitations that prevent it, of course).

Here are a couple of great videos by RKC team leader Keira Newton on how to do the kettlebell snatch properly.

The second video focuses on how to properly bring the kettlebell down for your next rep.

The kettlebell snatch is a more advanced version of the one arm kettlebell swing that brings more muscles into play, not to mention using a bigger range of motion.

If you’ve been wanting to try the snatch but weren’t quite sure how to go about it, be sure and watch these videos closely. Keira does a great job of breaking down the kettlebell snatch into smaller components.

You’ll be snatching before you know it! And getting better results from your kettlebell workouts because of it!

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