Best Arm Workouts For Women

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The Best Arm Workouts For Women
For Lean, Sexy Arms



The best arm workouts for women do two very important things. They get results and they get those results FAST!


Best Arm Workouts for Women Biceps and Triceps





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Women hate those chicken wing flabby arms! Good arm workouts will take care of that problem, if those workouts are combined with a proper nutrition program.

Let’s get clear on a couple of things for women who want those lean, sexy arms.

1. You Must Perform Resistance Training Workouts (especially the biceps and triceps)

It’s gotten better over the years but still too many women believe they will get big, bulky muscles if they train with weights. This is simply not true. I repeat, not true!

If you want, lean, sexy, firm arms, you must train with weights.

The same goes for any other body part, too.

Without resistance training, you’ll never get the sculpted arms you want. If you are carrying too much fat and all you do is diet and/or perform some type of aerobics, you’ll just end up a smaller version of yourself.

In other words, you’ll become what’s known as skinny/fat because at least half the weigh you lose will be muscle. Your overall bodyweight might be okay, but your body composition won’t. Too much of your body mass will be fat instead of muscle. It’s not a good look!

This also mean your metabolism will slow down, which makes it harder to lose more weight and also harder to keep off the weight that has already been lost. It’s one reason why so many people gain back lost weight.

You will not get great arms by doing endless Jane Fonda aerobics or by starving yourself. Don’t do it!

You Must Perform Resistance Training Workouts (<<== See Also)

2. You Must Include A Proper Nutrition Program With Your Arm Workouts

Yes, this is about the best arm workouts for women but if your main goal is to lose fat and firm up those flabby arms, you’ll need to do so with good nutrition as well as resistance training exercises.

You see, muscle does not turn into fat and fat does not turn into muscle. So if the problem is flabby arms, instead of lean, firm arms, you need to get rid of body fat as well as performing strength training with the right routine for your biceps and triceps.


bicep and tricep workout for women






That means a nutrition program focused on eating all the right super foods and slightly under eating. You don’t have to go crazy and starve yourself. But you do need to take in fewer calories than you burn if you want to see the results from those awesome arm workouts.

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It’s important to get plenty of quality protein as well.

Let’s Get Into the Best Arm Workouts For Women

Okay, let’s dig in to the good stuff. Not that the above isn’t important, it is! But the actual arm workouts are why you’re here, right?

For arm training, we’re specifically talking about the upper arm, being the bicep and tricep muscles. While the bicep gets all the attention, it’s really the tricep that makes up about two thirds of your upper arm size.

It’s also the tricep that’s the ‘underside’ of the arm that women hate to see flapping in the breeze!

In other words, don’t neglect your tricep muscles! Lots of bicep work by itself is not arm training.

Best Arm Workouts for Women Include Density Training

What is density training?

Density training is simply doing more work in less time. Density training is a key component of muscle building. In its simplest form, let’s say in one workout you are able to get 45 repetitions of an exercise using 40 pounds and you complete it in 10 minutes.

The goal for the next workout would be to get at least 46 reps using 40 pounds in 10 minutes. Eventually, it may be impossible to get more reps so you would add weight at the next workout and build up the number of reps again over time.

Now, this doesn’t mean you do those reps non-stop. It takes a few workouts to find the right weight to use. A good guide is to start with a weight that you can get 15 to 20 reps on in one set.

Then perform sets of 5 reps, resting as much or as little between sets as you want with the goal to get as many total reps in the 10 minutes as you can.

The first sets will be pretty easy with little rest. As you go, you may drop the reps in a set to 4 then 3, eventually down to sets of 1 rep.

It could look like this: 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 4 x 4 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 = 45 reps

The sets will become tough but they should never be taken to complete failure, except possibly the last set or two.

This is an example of progressive overload combined with density training, a fantastic way to build muscle mass.

Best Arm Workouts for Women Include A Lot of Time Under Tension

Time Under Tension is simply the amount of time a muscle is actually working. This is very important because many people do not get enough time under tension from their workouts and this is a big reason whey their progress is slow to non-existent.

This is especially true for men, who sometimes let their egos get in the way, and they use too much weight and don’t perform enough reps on any given exercise.

This isn’t as big of a problem for women, as they tend to use higher reps in their workouts.

It’s important to understand that time under tension and high reps or low reps aren’t necessarily the same thing.

Depending on the exercise and the tempo for each rep, the amount of time under tension can vary greatly, even for the same number of repetitions.

Great example is calf raises versus barbell squats.

If you use a normal tempo of performing each rep under control, a set of 10 repetitions is going to give you a lot more time under tension on the squats than it is on the calf raises because the exercise stroke is longer. The calf raises are a very short motion. The squat is not.

So in order to keep things less complicated, we focus on density training as it makes sure you perform a lot of work (time under tension), no matter the number of repetitions or the exercise.

The best arm workouts for women focus on these weight training principles.

Here’s a great arm workout you can use right now.

This workout can be done as a home workout with nothing but dumbbells.

27 Home Gym Equipment Ideas (<<== See Also) Density Training Workout:

    • Standing Dumbbell Curls – perform these in density training fashion as explained above. Work them for 10 minutes, completing no more than 5 reps per set.
    Dumbbell Lying Tricep Extensions – you can perform these on the floor or a flat bench. Perform this exercise in the same manner as the dumbbell curls for the biceps.

Time Under Tensions Workout

    • Incline Dumbbell Curls – 8 x 8
    Dumbbell Floor Presses – 8 x 8

Here’s how you do each arm exercise.

Select a weight that would allow to get 15 to 20 reps. Perform only 8 reps. Rest very briefly (15 to 30 seconds) between sets and complete 8 total sets per exercise.

For the last few sets you will most likely get fewer than 8 reps. That’s okay. Work your way up and then add weight.

On the dumbbell floor presses, keep your arms tucked into your body. When your upper arm is on the floor, your forearm should be perpendicular to the ground. Press to the top. This takes a lot of the chest out of the bench press movement and works the triceps more.

Alternate the density training arm workout and the time under tension workout.

If you are performing three full body workouts per week, say Monday Wednesday and Friday, perform the density workout on Monday, the time under tension arm workout on Wednesday and the density workout again on Friday.

The following week reverse them.

Put some serious effort into this arm training program and you’ll have lean, shapely, sculpted, sexy arms in no time!

Oh, and here’s a bonus arm workout for you below!






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