A Bodyweight Buzzsaw for Rapid Fat Loss Results

by FitStaff

The following workout is a bodyweight cardio workout from the upcoming Elite Home Training Series.

bodyweight exercises

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Perform each exercise for 20 seconds (if you really struggle with this do 10 seconds and progressively work your way to 20).

Rest 60 to 90 seconds between circuits. Complete 1 to 4 circuits.

Rest when necessary!

If you need to rest during the circuit, that’s fine.

You’ll become stronger and better conditioned over time.

There are two circuits below, a beginner and a more advanced.

There are always changes and tweaks that can be made when it comes to bodyweight exercises so you can adapt a program to your strength and conditioning levels.

Beginner Circuit

    Jumping Jacks
    Lateral Squats
    Push Ups
    Mountain Climbers
    Alternate Reverse Lunges
    Kneeling Push Ups
    Side to Side Hops (floor)
    Push Plank (Knees)
    Seal Jacks

Advanced Circuit

    Seal Jumping Jacks
    Hand Walk Outs (or use a Power Wheel if you have one)
    Jump Squats
    Spiderman Push Ups
    Mountain Climbers
    Jump Lunges
    Push Ups
    Side to Side Hops (over DB or KB or books, etc. – anything about 6 to 10 inches high)
    Push Plank (Toes)
    Sprint in Place (High Knees)

As I mentioned above, remember you can tweak bodyweight programs to meet your current strengths and weaknesses.

The beginning circuit may be too easy while the advanced is too difficult. But it might not be the entire routine, it can be muscle and exercise specific.

You might be able to rock out the mountain climbers but not so much on the spiderman push ups.

If that’s the case, create an intermediate circuit by mixing and matching some of the beginner exercises with some of the advanced ones.

You can also start off with the advanced and if you try a second round, on certain exercises on which you struggle, drop to the beginner exercise.

Let’s say you struggle with push ups but you can mostly handle the advanced circuit. Instead of spiderman push ups, do regular push ups. When regular push ups roll around in the circuit, do push ups from your knees.

You may find you can only get through one circuit of the beginning workout. So what! Do the best YOU can do today, and look to improve over time. You’ll get there!

Know you’re day is going to be crazy busy? Hit this workout when you get up in the morning, even if it’s only one circuit! Train your body and your mind to expect working out as part of your life.

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Play Hard, Have Fun, Get Dirty!

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