5 Components of An Effective Metabolic Resistance Training Program

by FitStaff

Metabolic resistance training is a very effective training style when it comes to getting results.

However, just like anything that’s effective, it can get abused and used improperly.

Here are 5 simple ways to make your metabolic resistance training more effective.

1. Includes self-limiting exercises

With self-limiting exercises, fatigue stops you before technique breakdown that could cause injury.

There are also exercises that may not be self-limiting for beginners but become that way for more advanced trainees.

A great example is push-ups. Beginners become contortionists as they try and increase their push-up numbers.

With more advanced trainees, they keep their form and fail to complete a rep because of fatigue.

2. The total amount of work must be high enough

Metabolic resistance training is most effective in that sweet spot where the intensity is very high but volume of training is also high enough to create a “metabolic debt”.

It’s important to look at total work and not just total reps.

As Eric Cressey states, “if you do a barbell complex consisting of five snatches, five cleans, five front squats, five barbell rows, and five deadlifts, you’ve done a ton more work than if you just did 25 medicine ball throws. The loading capabilities are greater with the barbell complex, and the bar travels over a greater distance. Since work equals force times distance, it’s a more powerful stimulus than the medicine ball throws.”

3. Intervals must be short enough to preserve intensity levels and good technique

You use the “work” bouts to challenge and condition your anaerobic system and the rest intervals to condition the aerobic system.

4. Your program must include your overall stress levels

If you’re currently working 60 hour weeks at a high stress job, you are not going to be able to handle the same number of weekly metabolic resistance training workouts than if you were working 40 hours a week at a low stress job. You must adjust your workouts to include other stresses in your current lifestyle.

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