4 Parts of a Weekly Workout Schedule to Maximize Your Fat Burning Results

by FitStaff

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In past articles, like Slow Go Cardio Sucks – Or Does It?, I’ve talked about the different components of working out and training if you want a complete program to maximize your fat burning results.

I discussed how you’ll want to include the following Multi-Workouts training concepts for best results and complete development, as part of your weekly workout schedule:

    1. Strength Training

    2. Conditioning or Metabolic Training

    3. Metabolic Scorchers

    4. Strategic Cardio

And this does NOT mean you need all four in the same workout.

I almost never use all four components in one workout.

However, even if you do, it does not have to be a long workout.

That being said, just using two of them in a workout can be extremely effective and more than enough. Even breaking them to one per training session can work wonders. This is especially true if you enjoy working out and would rather hit a structured training program 6 days per week instead of only 3 days per week.

You could use the following weekly workout schedule:

Monday – Strength Training
Tuesday – Metabolic Conditioning
Wednesday – Strength Training
Thursday – Metabolic Conditioning
Friday – Strength Training
Saturday – Metabolic Scorchers plus Strategic Cardio

Let’s say you want to hit all four in a workout, either once in a while for an extra metabolic blast of yummy fat burning goodness, or so you can get in fewer workouts per week.

Doing them all in one workout might look like this:

Strength Training (roughly 5 – 8 minutes)

    Deadlifts 3 x 5 reps (2 minutes rest between sets)

Metabolic Training (done in 40 seconds of exercise followed by 20 seconds of rest fashion) – 10 minutes

    Skier Swings (Dumbbells or Kettlebells)
    Push Ups
    Pivoting 1 Leg Goblet Lunge / Squat
    Bent Over Dumbbell Rows
    Bodyweight Squats

    Perform two complete circuits.

Rest 60 seconds

3 Minute Metabolic Scorcher

    Jump Lunges – 8 (total – 4 per side in alternating fashion)
    Spiderman Push Ups – 6 (total – 3 per side in alternating fashion)
    Burpees – 4

    Complete AMRAP (as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes)

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Strategic Cardio – Perform 12 minutes of traditional cardio such as the stationary bike, or treadmill. If you don’t have equipment for traditional cardio, you can substitute intervals with more cardio-centric movement patterns such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, stationary running, skater hops, shadow boxing, Icky Shuffle Sid to Side running, side hops, etc.

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It could look like this:

Perform the following in interval fashion of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest).

    Stationary Running
    Jumping Jacks
    Mountain Climbers
    Alternate Punches
    Reverse Lunge Front Kick
    Skater Hops

Repeat 4 times for a total of 12 minutes.

That’s roughly a 34 minute workout. But you only have to do it 3 times per week. Even then, it’s not all the time! You must adjust based on how you’re recovering. Maybe you only include the Scorchers on Wednesday so the Monday and Friday workouts are less intense (and shorter).

Or alternate the Metabolic Training, the Scorchers and the Strategic Cardio.

It might look like this:

Workout #1

    Strength Training
    Metabolic Conditioning
    Strategic Cardio

Workout #2

    Strength Training
    Metabolic Conditioning
    Metabolic Scorchers

Workout #3

    Strength Training
    Metabolic Scorchers
    Strategic Cardio

Alternate these 3 workouts, working out a total of 3 times per week.

We’ll discuss how to structure the individual components with regard to proper exercise selection and sequencing in a future article!

Remember, Play Hard, Have Fun, Get Dirty!

Gregg Gillies is a Certified Metabolic Trainer and author of the 5 star rated book, Flat Belly Blueprint, available for $2.99 (and instant download) on Amazon. He’s written hundreds of health and fitness related articles that have appeared on sites like Bodybuilding.com while also being published in the print edition of Ironman Magazine, and contributing to programs like Underground Chest Training Connect with Gregg on Google Plus and Facebook

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