The 300 Rep Bodyweight Challenge

by FitStaff

Here’s another challenge workout for you. This time it’s a simple bodyweight only routine.

Depending on your time available and conditioning levels, you can add this to the end of a regular workout once in awhile or do it on its own.

On its own you can do a couple of things – expand it into a 600 rep challenge! – or tweak the exercises to make it more challenging for you.

Here’s the 300 Rep Bodyweight Challenge and then we’ll look at alternatives.


Let’s take a look at some alternative exercises.

For bodyweight squats, you could do a wall sit for 50 seconds. You could do….

    Jump Squats
    180 Jump Squats
    Tuck Jumps
    or Total Body Extensions.

There are a LOT of push up variations. You could make it easier with incline push ups against a wall or push ups from the knees.

More difficult variations would include:

    Hands Closer Together
    Spiderman push ups
    Explosive push ups
    Clap push ups
    Decline push ups
    and T push ups, too!

You could drop the knee action on the reverse lunges. To make them hard you could turn them into jump lunges (I dare ya!).

The mountain climbers could become cross-body mountain climbers.

To make the burpees easier you could drop the push up. Or drop the jump. Or drop both. Or, to make it harder, you could do do double burpee variations.

One variation would be to do two push ups and two jumps.

Another variation would be to add a second kick out. In other words, when you drop into the bottom position and kick your legs out into the top push up position, bring the legs back in, then kick them out again and continue from there.

Give this 300 Rep Bodyweight Challenge a try!

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