16 Minutes of Serious Fat Burning

by FitStaff


You don’t need an hour, or even 45 minutes, to get all the fat burning, metabolism boosting, calorie crushing exercise you need to get fit and completely reshape your body.

Do it right, and 30 minutes or less (sometimes a lot less) is all you really need.

So if your pressed for time, give this a try (you don’t need to make the ride to and from the gym, either).

The following workout is done entirely in 20/10 interval training style.

You perform as many reps as possible for the exercise in 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, and then hit the exercise again for as many rounds as noted. Once you complete the number of rounds you move on to the next exercise.

It looks like this:

4x – Bodyweight Squat

You would perform 4 rounds of the bodyweight squat in 20/10 interval training style, 20 seconds of the exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Here’s the workout. It’s only 16 minutes!

    8x – 1 Arm Kettlebell Snatch (alternate arms)
    4x – Jumping Jacks
    4x – Push Ups
    6x – Bodyweight Squats
    2x – Push/Pull Plank (Knees)
    4x – Split Squats (alternate legs)
    2x – Stinger

This is a great workout that hits your entire body and you can crank it out in 16 minutes and all you need is one kettlebell or one dumbbell and your own body.

There are a number of ways to tailor this workout to your own strengths and weaknesses. If your conditioning level isn’t up to par yet, there are a few things you can do.

First, you can always rest when you need to. You don’t have to exercise the entire 20 seconds. If you can’t, take a brief rest and continue.

Shoot for as many reps as YOU can get in the 20 second time frame.

flat belly workout

Don’t Do This Exercise!

Second, you can shorten the workout and build up to the entire 16 minutes. You could cut all the rounds in half and do an 8 minute workout. Or, just take a round off of everything.

You could also adjust the time. Try 15 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest or even 10 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest.

Then, for your specific strengths and weaknesses you can also adjust the exercises. Can you crank out the squats until your hearts content but your push ups suck? Use the dumbbell to do goblet squats. Or do jump squats or tuck jumps or 180 squats.

Push ups really terrible? Start out with as many as you can and then go to doing push ups from the knees, while also taking rests when you need to.

Can’t do the snatches? Try high pulls instead or one hand or two hand swings.

There are always ways to make adjustments to a workout to better suit YOU!

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