12 Days of Christmas Kettlebell Workout Challenge

by FitStaff

Last week, I posted the 12 Days of Christmas Bodyweight Workout Challenge. Here’s one more for you. This one is a Bodyweight Kettlebell hybrid workout you can try. If you dare!


You can do this as listed. This is the true challenge workout, performing all 12 rounds. Tough! Or, you can do a much easier version which is to start on December 20th and do a round each day, so each successive day, the workout gets harder. You’ll finish the 12th “day” on the last day of the year.

You can also vary the intensity of the workout by substituting exercises or exercise progressions. If the kettlebell goblet squat is too much, go lighter, or go with bodyweight only.

There are a lot of push up variations such as wall push ups, kneeling push ups, clap push ups and more.

The lunges ad split squats can be done with body weight or while holding a kettlebell.

Mountain Climbers could become Cross Body Mountain Climbers.

If the kettlebell snatches prove too tough and you can’t use a lighter kettlebell, you could do kettlebell high pulls instead.

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