12 Days of Christmas Workout

by FitStaff

It’s that time! December 13th is 12 days to Christmas (including both the 13th and Christmas). So of course, we have to have a 12 days of Christmas Challenge Workout, right? Right!

Here it is and we’ll have exercise variations and workouts below.

The 12 Days of Christmas Bodyweight Workout

12 days of christmas workout

You can do this as listed, which is an entire workout that is 12 rounds long, with each round adding a new exercise. Tough! Or, you can do a much easier version which is to start on December 13th and do a round each day, so each successive day, the workout gets harder.

You could also use different variations of the exercises to increase or decrease the difficulty. This could especially come in handy if you do the easier version of a round per day.

For example, the bodyweight squats could become jump squats. The push ups could be made easier by doing push ups from the knees or harder by doing clap push ups.

For alternate front lunges, instead of 12 total reps, you could do 12 reps per side (24 total reps). Or you could do jump lunges. Mountain Climbers could become Cross Body Mountain Climbers.

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