1 Secret Fitness Tip That Rules Them All

by FitStaff

fitness tips
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Look, there are lots of great ways, ideas, tricks, secrets, or whatever else you want to call them, that can help you achieve your goals.

If you struggle to stick with your workouts, there are definitely strategies that can help with that.  No doubt.

I am an obsessive reader of books about improvement, success, goal setting, and mindset.  So don’t think I’m bashing any of that when I drop this bombshell on you!

There is one success secret that practically no one talks about when they reveal their top secrets and underground strategies.

And I get it!  It’s not sexy!  It doesn’t have sizzle!  It just doesn’t sell!

A book may be able to dramatically change your life for the better, but if the writer can’t get you to buy it, it’s not going to help you!  So they need to sell with sizzle so you dig into the steak!

No matter what it is you want to achieve, whether it’s dropping 10 pounds, a 400 pound bench press, packing another inch of serious, sexy muscle to your arms, or anything else, you MUST have this or you will fail!

“Okay, Gregg, we get it!  Give it to us already!”

Your wish, as they say.  Here you go, Padawan!


Like I said, NOT sexy!  Who wants to hear that?

We all want a sexy shortcut that doesn’t require work!

Discipline is a turnoff, right?  Aren’t you worn out just reading the word?

Too bad, cause you gotta have it, my friend!

Without it you are sunk, taking a long walk off a short pier into shark infested waters and it’s feeding time!

For the sharks, I mean, not you.

You’re chum, chum!

Knowledge is great.  But it does nothing for you unless you apply it and put it into action.  And you need discipline to do that.

If you have it, you’ll want to check this out. Because sometimes, you need FAST results to stay motivated and disciplined!

Lose up to 1 pound per day for the next 25 days!  No, seriously!

Yeah, it sounds crazy but it can be done.  You definitely need a little discipline to stick to the plan, but you only have to do it for 25 days and then it’s back to your normal plan.

After all, rapid results in the short term can be a serious boost of motivation for the long term.

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