1 10 1 Kettlebell Workout Challenge

by FitStaff

Challenge workouts are not a training program. However, using them in your program can bring a lot of benefits. Sometimes, you just need to do something different from a mental stand point.

Or you might just need a motivational boost that a challenge workout can provide.

Competition, even with yourself, can boost your motivation and help you work harder and perform better than you might otherwise.

Give This Simple Kettlebell Challenge Workout A Try

The 1 10 1 Kettlbell Workout Challenge

You’ll need one kettlebell for the Goblet Squats and Two Handed Swings. Go for your best time, only resting when needed. Next time you try this workout, try to beat you previous best time.

You can make it easier by doing body weight squats instead of goblet squats. You could also eliminate the jump on the burpees.

You can also make the challenge tougher as you get fitter by working your way back down the ladder and/or using a heavier kettlebell.

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